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Know Your Transaction Policy Nimera Ltd

Last update 29/05/2024

As part of the provision of the Services, Nimera Ltd applies Know Your Transaction (KYT) measures in respect of its Clients. KYT presumes deep analysis of the Clients` transactional patterns, identifying and alerting their suspicious or potentially fraudulent activities.

Through KYT process is being gathered and verified the following Clients` data in order to detect addresses related to high risk categories, including but not limited to, gambling, sanctions, or dark web markets:

Based on the information collected, Nimera assigns a risk score to each transaction of the Client. This score indicates the likelihood that the transaction could be linked to a crime. Higher scores could trigger further investigation by Nimera team and lead to the suspension of the Services until the completion of the KYT check. Through conduction of the investigation, Nimera could contact the Client directly for additional information, and in case of an inadequate/ non-exhaustive reply or the lack thereof, provision of the Services will be terminated.

Nimera is not obliged to provide any explanation with regards to its decision to postpone/terminate the provision of the Services to the Client - every time this decision is taken on the individual basis, considering the numerous risk based factors and is always directed to keep the transactions in line with Nimera applicable laws and compliance standards.

By accepting these KYT, the Client expresses consent to all the compliance measures implied.